[] Preliminary photometric results of Type Ia SN 2008hy : reddened or dim ?


We began optical and near-infrared observations of SN 2008hy in Dec.7 2008. We had already reported the spectroscopic type identification to CBAT (CBET1610), as SN 2008hy was apparently normal SNe Ia. The multi-band light curves have declined since our observation started. Preliminary photometric results show SN 2008hy looks highly reddened. It is explained that the the reddening would be suffered from not only our galaxy (Av=0.68, Schlegel et al.1998) but also the host galaxy IC 334, like in SN 2003cg (Elias-Rosa et al. 2006) and SN 2006X (Wang et al. 2008, Yamanaka et al. 2009 submitted to PASJ). Alternatively, the color of SN 2008hy might be intrinsically red. The decline rate may be faster than those of normal SNe Ia, which is characteristics of intrinsically red SNe Ia, like SN 2004eo (Pastorello et al.2007). We will continue the multi color observations SN 2008hy.