[] Start of the optical observations of SN 2009af


We started the optical observations of SN 2009af. SN 2009af was discovered in nearby galaxy UGC1551 by G,Cortini, Italy (CBET1697). Thereafter, the spectroscopic observations were performed by S, Ciroi et al. The spectrum showed the typical characteristics of Type II supernova. We also obtained optical several spectra using 1.5m-KANATA telescope with TRISPEC in Feb. 21 2009. We combined to the average spectrum using the "scombine" task in IRAF. The spectrum showed the strong P-Cyg profile of H-alpha. We compared the spectrum of SN 2009af with that of Type IIb SN 1993J around maximum light. The two spectra showed similar profile. SN 2009af might be striped-envelope SN, as Type Ib/Ic/IIb. We will continue the observations of SN 2009af.