[] Spectroscopic identification of SN2009an and observations start


The discovery of SN 2009an was reported in CBET 1707. We reported the spectroscopic type identifications of SN 2009an in CBET 1710. We performed spectroscopic observations of SN 2009an on Mar. 1.6 UT. The spectrum is shown above figure, which was corrected for the radial velocity of the host galaxy NGC 4332. The obtained spectrum shows the typical characteristics of Type Ia supernovae at the early phase. Especially, the large blueshifted line absorption of CaII IR triplet is seen in our spectrum. The line absorption seems to be separated in the components of high and low velocity. The SiII-635.5nm line feature is blueshifted to 14,000km/s. We will continue the observations of SN 2009an.