[] 3C 66A : Rising the polarization degree


We show the light curve and the temporal variation of the polarization degree of the object in V band. The polarization degree was rising, and reached to about 20%. The object was V~14.3.

[] 3C 454.3 : Brightening up


Fermi team reported that the object was in high state in gamma-ray region. The object in optical band was also brightening up. We show the light curve in V band, in which the magnitude was corrected the reddening, and the V-J color variation.

[] PKS 2155-304 : Faded


The figure shows the light curve in V band and V-J color variation of the object. The object has recently been faded. The object seems to show the "bluer-when-brighter" trend associated with the short term flare.

[] QSO 0133+476 (MisV1436) : faint state and decreasing polarization degree


We update the data of the blazar QSO 0133+476. The object was faint (V~16.7). The polarization degree kept decreasing from 40%.

[] V1280 Sco : update


We update optical and near-infrared light curves of a long burning nova, V1280 Sco. The decline trend continues in V and J bands.