[] SN 2009im : secondary maximum in I-band


We show the I-band light curve of subluminous Type Ia SN 2009im, comparing with subluminous SN 2005bl and transient type Ia SN 2004eo. The secondary maximum is seen in I-band maximum, which is a rare phenomena for subluminous SNe Ia.

[] SN 2009ig : B-band excess ?


We update the light curve of Type Ia SN 2009ig. The B-band light curve indicates the very slow evolution after maximum. But V-band and R-band light curves are well consistent with those of typical Ia SN 2005cf. Moreover, the secondary maximum of SN 2009ig is clearly different from typical SN 2005cf. Such a phenomena is rare for a SN Ia. The B-band excess seen in several Type Ia SNe may be related the interaction with a circumstellar material. We will continue our observation.