[] 3C 454.3 : Rising of the polarization degree


The object was bright in gamma-ray and optical range reported in ATel (#2200, 2201). The polarization degree of the object has recently risen. The polarization degree of the object reached 14 %.

[] 3C 66A : bright


We have kept the monitoring of 3C 66A since Jul. 9, 2008. The figure shows the light curve in V band and V-J color variation in this period. The object has recently been brightened. The flux in this day is the brightest data in our 2-year monitoring. The object showed the feature of bluer-when-brighter trend.

[] OJ 287 : faded



These figures show the light curve in V band, V-J color variation and temporal variation of the polarization degree in V band. The object has been faded since JD 2455126. The V-J color became redder, when the object was faded. This feature is called as bluer-when-brighter, which is the popular feature in blazars. The object showed the anticorrelation between the flux and the polarization degree.