[] Type Ia SN 2009kk : update


We update the light curve of Type Ia SN 2009kk. The light curve in I-band show the weak secondary peak among SNe Ia.

[] Nova in M31 2009-10b : update


We update the light curve of NM31 2009 10-b. A bit plateau in the light curve of R, I-band is marginally seen.

[] Type II SN 2009js : update


We have performed the photometric observations of of Type II SN 2009js. The light curve show the slowly increasing in I-band and shallow declines in V and R bands. The B-band light curve show the rapid decline. These photometric results indicate that SN 2009js was classified into Type II plateau class. It is consistent with that spectroscopically identification from the report in CBET 1969.

[] 3C 454.3] : Update the data


The figure shows the light curve of the object in V band and V-J color variation. The object had been in bright state since JD~2455060, and has recently been faded. The V-J color became bluer when the object was faint.

[] OJ 287 : Rising !


The object has become bright in JD~2455141. The polarization degree went down from 22 % to 14 %.

[] Fe II nova V5584 Sgr : optical spectra


We update spectra of V5584 Sgr.