Optical transient in UGC 2773 ; update


We show the recent photometric results of optical transient in UGC 2773. The luminosity clearly show the brightening in BVRcIc-band. If this object is a luminous blue variable (LBV), the light curve would have decreased in the light curve. But, we confirm the increasing luminosity in the light curve. The light curve show the largest luminosity in the periods. We will continue the observations of OT in UGC 2773.

Type Ia SN 2009ig : update


We update the light curve of Type Ia SN 2009ig. The excess of the B-band light curve is still seen, but the luminosity is decreasing according to the time scale of radioactive decay of Co56.

Type II SN 2009js : increasing I-band luminosity in long time scale


We upadate the light curve of Type II SN 2009js. Its light curve show the increasing the I-band luminosity in long time scale. Such a plateau in the light curve in long time scale is corresponding to those of Type II plateau supernovae. Slowly rising in the I-band light curve indicates the long time scale of diffusion of the expanding atmosphere with the slowly expanding atmosphere. We will continue the observations of this object.