[] Beginning the observations of Type IIn SN 2009kr


We have performed the photometric observations of Type IIn SN 2009kr. SN 2009kr was discovered in spiral galaxy NGC 1832 by K. Itagaki (reported in CBET 2006) on 2009 Nov. 06.730(UT). Thereafter, spectroscopic observations were performed by Tendulkar et al.(2009) (ATEL 2291) and Steele et al.(2009) (CBET 2011). They reported that the spectra show a featureless continuum with the narrow emission line of Hydrogen. These characteristics suggest that SN 2009kr is classified into the Type IIn SNe. The possible detection of the progenitor was reported by Li et al.(2009) (CBET 2043), from HST archival image. The progenitor may be the red star (V-I=0.9) with 25-30 solar mass. The light curve of a Type IIn SN is expected to become much broader than that of typical Type IIP SN. We will continue the observations of Type IIn SN 2009kr.