[] Type Ia SN 2010B : update


We update the light curve of Type Ia SN 2010B. The obtained light curve indicate that the color rapidly become red. In the I band, the luminosity have been already increased, despite of the spectroscopically identifying of maximum light on Jan. 9 (5 days before our starting observations). It indicates that SN 2010B has evolved from the minimum to the I-band secondary maximum. The B-band light curve show the faster decline than other bands. These observational fact suggests that SN 2010B may be classified into the rather slightly faint subclass than a normal SN Ia. We will continue the photometric observations in order to derive the decline rate of the late phase for searching the origin of the intrinsic luminosity.

[] Type II SN 2009kr : update


We update the light curve of Type II SN 2009kr.

Optical transient in UGC 2773 : update


We update the light curve of the optical transient in UGC 2773. The light curve in all bands indicate that the luminosity seems to be in rapid decline. The decline rate of the V-band light curve show the 0.03 mag in a day. Especially, the decline of the luminosity is pronounced in the R and I bands. The color simultaneously became red with beginning decline of the luminosity. The only R band luminosity increased at this time. Thus, the emission line of H_alpha strengthen associating with the increasing the luminosity. This rapid decline may be only in a short time. We will continue the photometric monitoring this object.

[] QSO 0133+476 (Mis V1436) : Faded


The object has been faded and reached about 17.4 mag.

[] 3C 66A : Update the data


The object has gradually been bright since JD 2454800.

[] 3C 454.3 : Update the data


We update the data of the object. The object was faded compared with JD 2455170.