[] 3C 454.3 : Finish the outburst


3C 454.3 has been an outburst with the rising in the gamma-ray region. Recently, the outburst seems to have finished and to be a faint state.

[] U Sco spectra


We update the spectra of U Sco which was obtained Feb. 2.79. We confirmed that the spectrum clearly shows stronger emissions line of Balmer series than those obtained on the outburst date. The velocity of these emissions decreased comparing to those of previous phase. The possible Nitrogen lines became strong compared to those of previous phase. On the other hand, the strength of O I emissions line weakened. The redshifted emissions line of HeI show the decline of the velocity due to Doppler effect and narrower width than those of Jan. 28. The decline of the velocity of Hydrogen and Helium indicates that the ejected shell expands with time and we could search the physical state of the material distributed in the inner parts.