[] Observations Start of the Type Ia SN 2010Y : still rising !


We have started the observations of the Type Ia SN 2010Y. This SN was discovered in the nearby possible elliptical galaxy NGC 3392 (its distance modulus is 33.3.) on Feb. 8.8 (UT) by Giancarlo Cortini (reported in CBET 2168). The spectroscopic observations were performed by D. Milisavljevic and R. Fesen, reported in CBET 2168. They showed that the spectrum is similar to that of normal Type Ia SN 1994D at an week before maximum. The Carbon signature might be also seen in their spectrum. It indicates that this SN may evolve in the just days after explosions. We show the light curves of SN 2010Y in BVRcIc-band. They show the rapid rising luminosity, which does still not reach the maximum light. We will continue the observations of the Type Ia SN 2010Y.