[] AO 0235+164 : Flare state


We have been observed AO 0235+164 from 12 Aug. 2008. The object is in a bright state. The magnitude of this object in low state was about 19 mag. in V band. Thus, the amplitude of this flare is more than 4 mag.. We continue the observation of this object.

[] Test2 23:08

The "KANATA ObsLog" is published on the Japanese blog service "Hatena". Since this service is for Japanese blogger, you see some Japanese words in this blog and keyword pages. Sorry for inconvenience.

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This is a test for our new blog about observations by the KANATA telescope. In this new blog, some words are linked to the "keyword" pages, in which one can obtain a detailed information of the words. Using this system, we will make summary pages for each objects, for example, 3C 454.3 and blazar.