[] Optical Photometry of Type Ia SN 2008hy


We have performed photometric observations of SN 2008hy. The light curve began to show the slower decline, which means that the brightness variation would constantly evolve in Co decay phase.

[] Optical Observations of Type IIP SN 2008in



We have performed optical observations of Type IIP SN 2008in in M61. The preliminary photometric results indicates that the light curve might show the anomalous behavior unlike typical Type IIP supernova. The each band light curve rapidly declines in a short time scale. Thereafter, the V,R,Ic-band light curve look like to start to evolve in the plateau phase. Especially, The R-band light curve increased slowly.

The spectroscopic absorptions of SN 2008in are narrower than those of SN 2008ij, which indicates that the expanding velocity of SN 2008in is slower than that of SN 2008ij. The P-Cyg profile of HI becomes stronger than that of before phase. which suggest that the first hydrogen diffusion phase would be still continued. We will continue the observations of SN 2008in.