[] PKS 1510-089 : Brightening



Top figure shows the light curve in V band and V-J color variation of the object. The object has brightened since JD 2454900 and V-J color has become redder. Bottom figure shows the light curve in V band and temporal variations of the polarization degree in V and J band. Polarization degree in J band has always been higher than that in V band.

[] V1280 Sco : The light curve


V1280 Sco is a classical nova which formed dust shell in the early phase of its eruption. The optical flux have recovered since autumn 2007 from V~17 to 11 due to the termination of the dust condensation. After the recovery, fluxes in V and J gradually increased for a year. Our recent V- and J-band light curves show that the brightness of the nova slightly decrease. This might indicate that the oncet of the "final decline" of V1280 Sco due to stop of the Hydrogen burning on the white dwarf.