[] BL Lacertae ; Data update


The object had highly polarization degrees in last season. The polarization degree of the object in V band reached about 30 %. The figure shows the light curve and temporal variation of the polarization degree in V band. The brightness and the polarization degree was also highly variable.

[] S5 0716+714 ; brighten


The figure shows the light curve of the object in V band and the V-J color variation. The object has recently been brightened and reached about V~13.5. The V-J color became bluer when the object was brightened.

[] Type II SN 2009dd : Observations Start


We have started multicolor photometric observations of Type II SN 2009dd. We showed the light curve in the figure. The muticolor photometry shows that the object is highly reddened by host galactic dust. The light curve of this object seems flat. Such a behavior of the light curve indicated that the similar to that of Type II plateau. If SN 2009dd is Type II plateau supernova, we will conduct a polarimetric observations using HOWPol in order to research a shape of ejecta inner than hydrogen shell.

[] SN 2009dc : reached maximum light


The brightness of this object seems to reach around maximum light. We will research how decline rate the object decreasing the luminosity in B,V,Rc,Ic-band, and whether the light curve shapes should be (or not) used as luminosity indicator for the peculiar bight Type Ia supernovae.

[] J1509-21: fading continues


The fading and reddening trends continue. The object will probably return to the apparent quiescent state within a few days.