[] V1280 Sco update


The decline trend continues. The decline rate in V is about 0.004 mag/day.


[] S5 0716+714 Update the data


The object has been variable and the amplitude of the magnitude was about 2 mag. The V-J color was also variable. When the object was bright, the V-J color was bluer. This feature is called the "bluer-when-brighter".

[] OJ 287 : Recent behavior


The figure shows the light curve and the temporal variation of the polarization degree in V band. The object has been faded since JD 2454750. In JD 2454985, the object was the faintest state. On the other hand, the polarization degree has been risen. During JD 2454960, the polarization degree reached 38 %.

[] 3C 279 : Update the data


The figure shows the light curve (red point) and the temporal variation of the polarization degree (blue point) in V band. The object has been faint since JD 2454930. However, the polarization degree of the object has slightly risen in the recent data point.


[] SN 2009dd : Update


We report the preliminary light curve of Type IIP SN 2009dd. The magnitude calibrated using the nearby comparison star in the same field. The magnitude of the comparison star is from USNO catalogue. The object still seems to be in plateau phase. But we do not conclude whether the fluctuation of 0.2~0.3mag is real. The calibrated magnitude was influenced by the luminous component of the host galactic nuclei. The more detailed photometric (e.g. host-subtracted method) analysis will be necessary.


[] SN 2009dc : Update


We update the light curve of peculiar Type Ia SN 2009dc.