[] Nova in M31 2009-10b : update


We update the light curve of the Nova NM31-2009 10b. We confirmed the existence of the plateau phase in the light curve. In generally, the radiations from the continuum in the plateau phase would be related to contributions from the free-free emissions. We also confirmed the very slightly brightening in R-band, which is naturally thought to be caused by the strengthening the emissions lines of the H_alpha. We will continue the observations of this novae.

[] Type II SN 2009js : brightening in the I-band


We update the light curve of Type II SN 2009js. We confirmed the broadly brightening in I-band light curve, comparing with those of other bands. Since the rapid decline of the luminosity in bluer bands is not seen, we suggest that the brightening luminosity in I-band would not be caused by contributions from the near-infrared radiations of low temperature due to forming the dust in the SN ejecta. But, the B-band luminosity may be affected. In order to clarify the origins of the brightening in the I-band, we encourage the photometric observations in the near-infrared wavelength.

[] Type Ia SN 2009kk : update


We update the light curve of Type Ia SN 2009kk. The secondary maximum light in I-band was confirmed.