[] Starting observations of SN 2009ls


We have performed the photometric observations of Type II SN 2009ls. SN 2009ls was discovered of 15.3 mag at NGC 3423 by Nishiyama & Kabashima (reported in CBET 2041). Since the distance modulus of the host galaxy NGC 3423 had been estimated of nearly m-M=30.8, we expected that the peak luminosity would apparently become bright. It suggests that this SN is a good target for exploring the observational property of the explosion. The spectroscopic observation have already been performed by Steele et al.2009 (reported in CBET 2049). It indicated that SN 2009ls is a very young Type II supernova. Itagaki (2009) also determined upper limit of 18 mag from the CCD observation (reported in CBET 2041). The peak absolute magnitude will be expected to ranged from 15 to 13 mag, from an absolute magnitude of a typical Type II SN. We will continue the photometric observations for SN 2009ls.

[] Type IIn SN 2009kr : update


We update the light curve Type IIn SN 2009kr.

[] Type II SN 2009js : update


We update the light curve of Type II SN 2009js. The I-band light curve show a bit decline.