[] Optical and Near-infrared Observations of U Sco : update



We have performed the optical and near-infrared observations of a recurrent nova U Sco since Jan. 28 UT. The photometric observations in optical and near-inrfared wavelength regions indicate that the luminosity show a rapid decline rate as confirmed in early phase for a very fast novae. The rapid decline of the near-infrared regions suggests that formations of a dust in the ejected material in the novae atmosphere would not occur little. Spectroscopic observations indicate that a dramatical change is confirmed in the profile in the emissions line. For example, the peak of the Balmer series show the development of the relative strength of the central component with time. The three components of the emissions line of the Balmer had been also confirmed in the spectra of the outburst in 1999. We continue the observations of the recurrent nova U Sco.

[] Type Ia SN 2010B : update


We update the light curve of Type Ia SN 2010B.

[] Type II SN 2009js : update


We update the light curve of Type II SN 2009js.[