[] Nova Oph 2010 : update


We performed the spectroscopic observations of Nova Oph 2010 since Jan. 25. The strong features of Balmer series and NaID show the P-Cyg profile with weak absorptions. The FeII multiplet features are also seen in the regions around 5000-5300A. These characteristics suggest that Nova Oph 2010 is classified into the FeII class in its early phase (Williams 1992). The OI 7774, 8227, 8446 also still form the P-Cyg profile on Feb. 5. The P-Cyg profile dominated spectra continue to form for 10 days. It indicates that the ejecta of Nova Oph 2010 slowly evolved and expanded. An emission of the H alpha strongly develops with time. We will continue the spectroscopic monitoring the Nova 2010 Oph.