[] Spectroscopy of V1280 Sco : update


We performed the spectroscopy of the extremely slow nova V1280 Sco. The spectrum shows the strong emission line of H-alpha. The emission line still forms the P Cyg profile with the asymmetric profile. The absorption lines reached at 2300km/s. HeI also shows the P Cyg profile with the absorptions, which reached at the 1400km/s. These characteristics indicate that the nova atmosphere still forms optically-thin winds above the optically-thick photosphere. On the other hand, the spectra exhibit the forbidden line, which indicate that a part of the expanding shell become the very optically-thin.

[] Spectroscopy of WZ Sge type dwarf nova V592 Her


We performed the spectroscopic observation of WZ Sge type dwarf nova V592 Her. The spectrum shows the absorptions of Balmer series. These absorptions seem to be broadened to bluer wavelength region. The absorption lines indicate that the disk become optically thick due to its radiations from the high temperature.

[] M33 2010-07a : slow decline after the rebrightening


We performed the photometric observation of M33 2010-07a. This nova underwent the rebrightening just after the rapid decline. This phenomena is also seen in that of V2491 Cyg (Arai et al.). The timescale of its decline of M33 2010a-07a may be also similar to that of V2491 Cyg.