[] Optical Transient in UGC 2773 : update


We update the light curve of the optical transient in UGC 2773.

[] Spectroscopy of Possible Nova Aql 2010


We performed the spectroscopic observation of Possible Nova Aql 2010 at Sep. 11.60 UT. This possible nova was discovered by amatuer astronomers Nishiyama and Kabashima (reported in IAUC 9167). The spectrum shows a highly reddened continuum and no strong features below 6000A. The H-beta emission line is not seen. These characteristics indicate that this nova is suffered from the dust extinction on the Galactic plane. H-alpha exhibits the P-Cyg profile and an absorption minimum reached 1500 km/s. OI7774, OI8446 and CaII 8662 also show P-Cyg profile. These velocities of absorption features reached 1500 km/s, corresponding to that of H-alpha. We confirmed strong emission lines of CaII NIR triplet. These features indicate that this nova have evolved just after the maximum light. The slow velocity predict that the luminosity will slowly evolved. These observational characteristics support that this nova is classified into a "FeII" nova, suggested in Williams et al.(1994). We will continue the observations of Nova Aql 2010.