[] PTF10ygu : very long timescale of light curves?


We performed photometric observations of Type Ia PTF10ygu. Light curves indicate that the rising time may be much longer than 17 - 19 days confrimed in a typical Type Ia SN. Unfortunately, our photometric points are too poor to estimate the rising time with a higher precision. In general, a more luminos SN Ia have a longer timescale of the light curve. However, even super luminous Type Ia SN have a rising time above 20 days (Yamanaka et al. 2009, Silverman et al.2010, Scalzo et al. 2010 and so on). If, the rising time are longer than a typical value for a SN Ia, this object might be an intrinsically luminous object.

[] Nova Aql 2010 : update


We update the light curve of Nova Aql 2010.