[] T Pyx : Optical Spectrum


We performed the optical spectroscopy of a recurrent nova T Pyx. This nova underwent the previous outburst at 45 years ago (see Margaret and Mayall 1967). We identified the emission lines as HI, HeI, CII, OI, CaII and NII. Our identification indicates that this nova is classified into He/N novae. Arai et al. reported that the highly-excited lines form the P-Cyg profile in their extremely early spectrum, while the lowly-excited ones (e.g., H-alpha, HeI etc) do not. Our spectrum exhibits the P-Cyg profile of these lowly-excited lines. We do not find the highly-excited emission lines. This indicates that the spectral profile of T Pyx rapidly evolved since their report. Arai et al. also measured the line velocity of FWHM of 1000 km/s in H-alpha. The low velocity is rare for He/N class novae. We will continue the observations of this object.