[] V5587 Sgr : update


We update the light curves of V5587 Sgr.


[] Possible SN in M51 : spectrum


We performed spectroscopic observation of possible supernova in M51 (RA 13:30:05.14, Dec +47:10:11.0). The spectrum exhibits the P-Cyg profile of H-alpha, HeI and CaII IR. The absorption minimum of H-alpha reached 17000 km/s. Those of HeI and CaII did 16000km/s. The spectrum is similar to that of typical Type IIP SN 2006bp at 10 days after its shock breakout. We will continue observations.


[] Possible Nova in Sco : spectrum


We performed spectroscopic observations of Possible nova in Sco on MJD 55714.599 (2011 Jun. 2.599 UT). The spectrum exhibits the broad H-alpha emission line. The line velocity of its FWZI are roughly measured to be 4500 km/s. This emission line shows the triple-peaked profile. The velocity of these peak components are +1600, 0 and -700 km/s, respectively. We also identified the OI 7477, 7773, 8227 and 8446 emission lines. These line profiles exhibit the double-peaked structures. The typical peak separations are estimated to be 2.0nm except for OI 8446. These complex line profiles would be reflected by the overlap of the ejected-material. The HeI lines are not seen in our spectra. We will observe this object.


[] Type Ia SN 2011B : update


We update the light curves of Type Ia SN 2011B.