[] Possible SN in NGC 3613 : Type Identification


We performed the spectroscopic observations of the possible SN in NGC 3613 on Jul 30.6. The spectrum exhibits the SII W-shape feature, SiII 5972, SiII 6355, OI 7774 and CaII IR triplet. The line velocity of SiII6355 reached 10000 km/s. The intensity ratio of SiII 5972 to SiII6355 absorption lines estimated to be 0.5, which is comparable of that of SN 1991bg. These profiles are similar to that of SN 1991bg-like object.


[] Optical Transient in UGC 2773 : observations at 700 days after its outburst


We performed photometric observations of optical transient in UGC 2773. This object was discovered on 2009 Aug 18.02 in UGC 2773. The light curves still show the similar luminosity to that at a year ago.

[] Type Ia SN 2011B : photometry at 200 days after maximum


We performed photometric observations of normal Type Ia SN 2011B at 200 days after maximum. The magnitude is well similar to that of SN 2003du at same phase except for I-band. The I-band magnitude may be contaminated by a background of the host galaxy. We will continue the photometric observations of this object.