[][] HT Cam: high-speed photometry


HT Cam is an intermediate polar, occationally showing a quite short (<1 day) outburst, like dwarf novae. An outburst of the object was reported on 17 Apr. We performed high-speed photometry with a time-resolution of 1 sec. Preliminary light curves are shown in the above figure. The figure also includes our result during the last outburst in Feb. 2008. On 17 Apr, the object was almost at maximum of the outburst. We can see possible 200-300-s periodic modulations seem to be rapidly evolving. Compared with the light curve on 7 Feb. 2008, the light curve on 17 Apr. 2009 might exhibit shorter time-scale variations. On 18 Apr, longer time-scale modulations were apparently dominant. No signal of white-dwarf pluses (514 s) was detected in all light curves we obtained.